RF Needling with SylfirmX


Experience advanced skin tightening with SylfirmX Continuous Wave (CW) RF technology—the only RF needling device proven to safely tighten EYELIDS (all the way to the lash line on both upper and lower lids) as well as the rest of your face, neck, chest or any other body area you choose. Backed by dozens of clinical studies, this ONE PASS treatment is both quick and comfortable and has little-to-no downtime! $700/session

We recommend 3 sessions approximately 30 days apart for most patients.

Add Exosomes for faster healing and amped up outcomes! (details below)


Give your skin a major GLOW with SylfirmX Pulsed Wave (PW) technology. This comfortable, no-downtime (NDT) treatment addresses pigmentation, redness and surface irregularities such as fine lines and scars. With multiple clinical studies showing its effectiveness in treating rosacea and melasma as well as improving overall skin health, this is sure to be your new favorite Saltbox offering!    $700/session

We recommend 3 sessions approximately 30 days apart for most patients.

Add Exosomes for faster healing + amped up outcomes! (details below)


One pass of SylfirmX TiGHTEN followed by one pass SylfirmX GLOW is the ultimate treatment for producing big changes in your skin. $1000/session

Add Exosomes for faster healing + amped up outcomes! (details below)

See before and after photos of SylfirmX HERE.

Benev Exosome Regenerative Complex Complement your SylfirmX, MicroNeedling, or AquaGold Service with Benev ExOSOMES. Similar to PRP (but without the blood draw), exosomes contain about 300 skin-perfecting growth factors, while your own PRP contains around 12. Discover faster healing, more glow and increased collagen production with this cutting-edge topical treatment.

Learn more about our exosomes HERE.

Add an Area of Treatment: SylfirmX can be used on ANY body area for tightening. Neck, chest, bat-wings, hands & knees are some of our favorites.

What is an area? An area is considered anything the size of “two hands”. When our technicians treat your neck, we go nearly all the way around it for extreme tightening. Only want the center of your neck and a small part of your chest treated as your add-on? That also counts as one area.

You may add multiple areas to your treatment.  $300/Area

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